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Issue #1

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Divine Plants Roots with its Overseas Office in Dalian China

In 2001, Divine Flooring Flooring bought the first container of engineered hardwood flooring for a project in the Kensington area of Calgary from Taiwan. Prior to this purchase, 90% of the products displayed in the showroom were made in Canada. It was shocking to see first hand quality that was available at that time and the cost saving associated to it. This was the start of what has now become a 9 year investment, a team of quality control and a brand name to be proud of.

In the news we hear of lead in the paint of toys made in China, traces of melamine in candy made in China along with many other negative consequences of having products made in China. My question is where are the companies that associate their names to these products during the manufacturing of them? If the proper quality controls and specifications are given to well operated Chinese companies and you take the time to show them exactly what you want, you will not be disappointed. I have been to over 60 manufacturers in China and I see time and time again products being manufactured without supervision from the company who placed the order. I am talking about multimillion dollar corporations which are at the top of name brand awareness when it comes to hardwood flooring. Every country has good and bad manufacturers, China is no different. There are many hardwood floors made in Canada or the USA that I would not put in my house and then there are handfuls of manufacturers that respect our natural resources enough to manufacture a quality product that will last forever. In China, we conduct business with the best manufacturers that China has to offer.

-Carlos Soares, President of Divine Flooring Flooring Ltd.-