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Issue #1

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CrossIron Mills Mall

Divine Flooring Flooring caught up with Brian Roddick, Senior Construction Manager from Ivanhoe Cambridge to discuss the recently opened CrossIron Mills Mall in Balzac, Alberta.

Q: The mall opened during the economic slowdown, is Ivanhoe Cambridge and its tenants content with the public traffic under the market circumstances…how has the response been?

A: Ivanhoe Cambridge is very pleased with the public’s response to CrossIron. The mall is performing on track with all predictions. To the end of January 2010, 3.3 Million people have visited the mall.

Q: From conception to opening to the public, how much time is involved in the planning & building a mall of that magnitude?

A: Planning for this project commenced in 2005. There is about two years of pre-construction involved in preparing for the construction phase. The mall takes about 2 years to build.

Q: There is over 56,000 square feet of real solid wood flooring installed in the common areas of the mall, was there a particular reason why that method of installation was chosen?

A: Some people question wood being installed in the mall because of the outdoor shoes and volatile Calgary climate. Hardwood floors are a typical finish in “Mills” styled malls. Finish in place hardwood is used as there are almost twenty layers of stain, sealers, protective coatings and waxes on the final product to withstand the traffic.

Finish in place is also used as it can be sanded to blend in perfectly with the different flooring materials that surround the hardwood areas.

Additionally, each Mall entrance is tile or colored concrete specifically to allow the public’s foot wear to be dried and cleaned by the time they enter the main raceway of the mall where the hardwood is located.

Q: Was Ivanhoe Cambridge happy with the overall quality, timeframe and finished product it received from Divine?

A: One of the most consistent compliments the mall receives is how “beautiful” the hardwood is. Divine’s performance and workmanship at CrossIron should set the standard for all flooring contractors.

Q: Ivanhoe Cambridge had many flooring companies to choose from for this project, why did you choose Divine?

A: Divine was chosen for their experience and professionalism displayed during the Tender process. Divine appeared to have the most experience and was the most prepared for the “Finish in Place” job of this size and complexity. It was a daunting task to successfully place 20 coats of material on 9 species of hardwood all in highly complicated patterns, while 3000 other workers are completing their scopes of work around them, and Divine completed it all on time and without any issues.