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Issue #1

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The District by Cedarglen Homes

After over 25 years in the home-building industry, if we've learned one thing at Cedarglen Homes it's that we are always learning. Whether it's about building practices, customer and business-partner relationships or technology, there's always something to learn. We're continually trying to innovate, improve and expand. As a result of this culture, Cedarglen has undertaken a new project which we are excited to exclusively announce here; our first venture in the single-family starter home market-The District by Cedarglen.

So what is the district? At its core you'll find a great combination of urban design and suburban living. We're taking a new approach to putting the urban in suburban; it's modern, fresh and efficient. It's easy to see why The District homes are modern, between their exceptional specifications and their cutting-edge design. They're efficient because each home features energy efficient specifications, and is guaranteed to be a minimum of 80 on the EnerGuide rating scale. That efficiency not only gives you lower monthly bills, but also makes you eligible for a rebate. It's fresh because it's something totally new for Cedarglen-a step in a new direction that we're excited to take and what we're excited to share with you. Come discover The District for yourself at 89 Cranford Drive SE, showhomes opening May 1st. You can also learn more at www.cedarglenhomes.com