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Custom Wood Shop

Make those final touches Divine

We have created and installed your floor. Now let us complete the look! Divine Flooring has a unique in-house wood-working shop that allows you to customize your flooring project to reflect your personal style.

Our skilled wood working artisans offer a complete range of accessories that will match your floor in species, surface, color and finish. They use proprietary
techniques to plan, craft and assemble unique pieces of unsurpassed beauty.

In our Calgary showroom, we feature designer styled mini spaces, aka vignettes, to provide inspirational ideas using flooring. In this vignette, the same flooring is echoed on the ceiling, complete with recessed pot lights. Many flooring brands offer beautiful hardwood planks and then ship plastic trim and moulding, and rarely do they offer matching floor vents. 

Our flush mount vents fit on a level plane with your hardwood floor. If you run your hand over them, there is no rise in elevation. We make them by hand and stain them to create an exact match with your flooring. Wow! 

Certain types of non-hardwood flooring may not have the depth to accommodate a flush mount vent. But you do not have to resort to plastic or metal! Our custom shop will create a top mount wood vent that neatly rims the opening for a perfectly finished look. 
Inside our in-house wood working shop where our craftsmen stain vents to match floors.  

Talk to us about the couture, stylish detailing we can create for you that will make your space divine!